“RJ is one of the Top Choices for Weddings.”

—The Wedding Vow Singapore

  • More than 10 years of Wedding Hosting Experience.
  • Best when you want a blend of humour, gravitas and class.
  • Best at setting a mood —can transition tones, from light-hearted to celebratory.
  • Highly engaged approach with the couple & wedding planner to gauge what tone is best for their personalities, understand the requirements, en route to a customized plan unlike other emcees who use scripts.


The #1 Choice for Smooth-Sailing Events

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RJ Ledesma


“RJ was the perfect host for our perfect wedding. His confidence, friendliness, and sincere happiness for us, the couple, translated to everyone enjoying, cheering, hooting and practically falling off their chairs with laughter. Two years later, people are still talking about how much fun they had and how hilarious the kissing game was. RJ brought everyone together and made our special night the perfect beginning to our marriage.”

—Johncy & April Agregado

RJ Ledesma

“With RJ at the helm, we were able to completely relax and just focus on having a good time – as we were sure that he would be able to keep the guests entertained throughout. RJ has a gift of being able to connect to all kinds of people; only he can match Stenie’s dad in terms of cracking the corniest of jokes! We are grateful to have had RJ at our wedding and consider him not just as our host, but as a good friend who was able to bring life to our wedding reception.”

—Joseph & Stefanie Tay

RJ Ledesma

“We just love RJ’s hosting style – very professional and personal! With him, it’s the right balance of humor and profound moments. We felt that he knew us, and knew his audience. He’s so natural to come up with instantaneous ways to make the program more interesting than it already is. As we told all people present last Jan 16, 2010. – ‘We couldn’t have gotten anyone better, for our once in a lifetime event’.”

—Tyrone & Giza Tang